Hey, Where did you get that?

With this remodel I have had so many clients and customers ask where did I find that? Which if you know me, then you know half the answers will be Amazon... I'm getting better at going and hunting down items, but in a pinch its my go-to.

The first item I get asked the most about are my pink make up barstools.  I love these and know at some point we will get to apply and test make up again... and when we do these chairs are the cutest! - note these are not the most comfy chairs but come on they are velvety blush pink!!!


The next item that most people want in their own spaces are my shelves.  Assuming they want a smaller version which would be so much easier as I believe Josh will never hang another one again... I guess my candles weigh more than the 150 pound anchor can hold! 🤣 Again this is amazon, I did try to do this at the hardware stores but buying pipes is WAY more expensive than these look alikes.  The boards we just got at the hardware store and cut them down to the size we wanted. I knew I wanted the unfinished look so that was an easy find.

This pic woks for the 3rd item as it's my tables.  So far I now have 3 of these foyer tables from World Market in the front boutique.  They are the perfect size and height as well as gorgeous! The price point was a little high when getting so many, but I saved so much money on other things that I could splurge for these 3 tables. Honestly when I first saw them I assumed they were at least $500 so at $329 each I still felt it was a good deal!

close up of the foyer table

My favorite thing I get to shock people with is my lights! They are big modern and gorgeous!  Most people think they must have cost a lot and I did price them and search over and over for the perfect light.  I just kept going back to these.  

and at $89 how could I go wrong. Although Josh was not amused by the assembly of these!😂  

All the plants and lanterns came from Home Goods. I tried live but they slowly died... so fake is the way to go!  If you have any other questions on items feel free to ask! 


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