Why the new look?

Hello, My name is Andrea and I'm addicted to change.

In the 9 years of Sass Beauty the space has gone through a few (ok maybe more than a few) changes.  I can't help it, I love change.  When Jael and I first opened we kept the space with the vintage look that we took over. It was adorable, but no joke we had several people stop in to see if we were an antique store...

Then a year later we decided we wanted it decluttered and girly! Enter the Tiffany blue and the pink glitter wall.  This was my first introduction to an all female décor.  I had only been able to decorate a space that included male energy and always making sure things weren't too over the top  This was fun and feminine and I might have let all my ideas explode inside of Sass.  I blame the newly invented Pinterest for most of this.😊

A Few years later... was the Grey moody vibe.  I wanted darker, elegant and luxury.  At this point we had hair services and wanted the space to be more connected with the design.  

We kept the grey for a few years.  Even after Jael left to work with her husband Javier at his restaurant in Portland.  I started adding retail but kept the overall color scheme the same.  During the Grey time my sister-in-laws clothing boutique (Believe Boutique) moved into the front room for 8 months.  This is when I remembered my love for retail.  Listening to her concerns about the dark color and the fact that Sass looked closed from the outside.  Made the design wheels start turning! haha

And now we are here.  I call it Boho Spa.  Never in all my Sass years thought that the space could look and feel like this.  It just feels Right...  A few clients and hubs thought I was crazy when I said bright white and flat paint EVERYWHERE.  I just wanted clean, wood, plants, SPA. 

  I love the little touches like the drift wood Josh and Joshua picked up off the beach in Long Beach, and the Cabana I get to work in everyday.  Adding the beauty boutique was a big decision, but I truly feel it was the right choice.  It is my happy place and something I always thought downtown Camas was missing.  A place to grab a cute little gift before meeting your girlfriends for margaritas next door at Mesa!  It has been a year since this remodel and as of now I don't think I will ever change it... with the white I can simply change the accent color if I need a change.

The one wall that has never changed.  The birch wallpaper.  I LOVE it! It has worked with every remodel and now that it is our facial room I am so glad we never took it down!

Stay tuned the next blog will have the most requested items from the remodel and where to get them for your space!

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